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Hair and Beauty Services


I provide both hair and beauty services by appointment only. My service menu and pricing are listed below. Select schedule appointment for online booking! Send me an email or message if you have any questions! Prices may vary due to nature of appointment.


Hair Color Services:

Make-up and Styling:
Service Add-Ons:

Come meet me at my Salon for an in-person consultation! This is no cost to you and will allow us to chat a bit and figure out what style and appointment type is right for you!


All Over Color

This color application creates a one-dimensional color throughout the hair.


Express Root Touch

Root touch color application that doesn't include blow-dry or style.


Partial Highlight with color

Color application combined with highlights in foils.


Partial Lowlight

This color application is used to add dimension and depth to light hair or blend out gray for a more natural grow-out. 


Vivid Color Application

Vivid and fantasy colors add a fun POP of color. Services like these are double processing color application. This meaning a color technique must be applied and processed twice. This process can take around 6-8 hours so be prepared to hang out for awhile!


Color Reducer

Safer and lightener free option that shrinks color artificial molecules and lifts hair up to 4 levels.


Womens Haircut

This service includes shampoo, blow-dry,and style.


Mens Haircut

Mens Clipper or Shear cut with shampoo


Dry Style

Hair style on clean dry hair.


Make-up application

Special occasion make-up application includes standard strip lashes..


Molecular Mender Treatment

Leaf and Flower CBD reparative treatment that goes beyond the cuticle layer and into the cortex for intensive repair on dry or damaged hair. 


Mineral Treatment

This treatment removes all of the unwanted dirt and minerals that get stuck in the hair cuticle as a result of hard water.


Haircut with Service

Haircut pricing when combined with a color service.


Split-end Corrector 

Brazilian blowout split-end treatment smooths the hair cuticle down and seals the ends to prevent further splitting for up to 4-6 weeks. 


Root Touch-Up

With this application we color just the new growth of roots to match the existing color or add a shadow root.


Full Highlight

Lightener or color placed in foils throughout the entire head, creating a multi-dimensional hair color.


Partial Highlight

Highlights in foils throughout the crown of the head.



This color application gives a soft, low maintenance, that is blended into your natural color.



Toning is used to alter blonde to the desired color and avoid unwanted tones.


Brazillian Blowout

This Service smooths the hair cuticle down reducing frizz, and cutting dry-time in half without losing natural curl.


Kids Haircut

Haircut for kids 12mand under, does not come with shampoo.


Kids Blow-dry Style

Includes a shampoo, blow-dry, and style, so your little one can get some pampering too.


Shampoo Style

Includes shampoo, blow-dry, and heat styling.


Bridal Make-up application

Let's get you ready for the big day! This appointment has a bigger time slot and includes premium strip lashes.


Scalp Treatment

This treatment uses specially formulated scalp wash, exfoliator, and serum to soothe sensitive scalp while removing impurities & dandruff


Gloss Treatment

This treatment coats the hair with a gloss that lasts up to 4-6 weeks.


Deep Condition

Conditioning treatment add on for a cut or color appointment.

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